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    • Representatives from 20 countries visit Unhwa’s Production Center.
    • 2013.02.20
    •  On the 7th July 2012, youth ministers, vice ministers and high-level government representatives from 20 different countries visited Unhwa’s production center. The group were very interested in Unhwa’s Ddobyul technology and efficacy.
      When they experienced and saw the stable and specialized mass-production facilities of Unhwa’s core technology, Ddobyul, the group praised Unhwa’s technologies and described the company as having infinite potential.


      Malawi’s Vice-Minister of Women and Children said that the visit to Unhwa was a special highlight of her visit in Korea. She explained that in her country, they also have ginseng but they don’t have the know-how and technology to culture the ginseng and make something new. She was amazed by the technical ability of Unhwa’s Korean employees and added that the visit to Unhwa was a great experience.