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    • Grand Prize [to President Young-Woo Jin] for Ddobyul at “The 5th Small and medium Business Intellectual Property (IP) Management Convention ”
    • 2013.02.28
    • On the 29th October 2013, UNHWA won the Grand Prize from the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy at ‘The 5th Small and medium Business Intellectual Property (IP) Management Convention’ which was hosted by the Korean Invention Development Institute on the 21st November, 2013 in Interburgo Hotel, Daegu city. 

        Since UNHWA, leading company in Jeollabuk-do, was selected as an Intellectual Property Star company by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, constant knowledge management has been chosen as an outstanding example in a division of Star Company and so Grand Prize was awarded.
       This prize was granted on the assessment of IP level increase through each company’s patent information and brand design value growth. And also the star company case of resulting management performance and company’s successful case based on excellent patent management and brand management, known as Ddobyul were highly rated for this prize.
       ‘IP Management Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy prize’ is an award which is given to the intellectual person who lead the company successfully and company which contributes to creating jobs and vitalizing the local economy even in economic depression.
       UNHWA accomplished the splendid feat of winning the ‘Impressive Achievement by a Technical Korean Company’ community prize given by the Korean government in 2011 and ‘The Excellent Small and Medium Company’ Prize in May, 2013 before ‘The Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy prize (Grand prize)’ this time.
      The Unhwa employee, in charge of patent, mentioned “This prize means the verification for the patent management competence of extracting and culturing the plant stem cell (Ddobyul) for the first time in the world and this is the good example of increasing industrial added value through strategic IP management.”