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    • 17th Extra-Ordinary Shareholder’s Meeting Notice 2021.03.05
    • 2021.02.10

      • Greetings to respectful shareholders,
        Unhwa Corporation is scheduled to hold 17th extra-ordinary shareholder’s meeting under Korea
        Commercial Law Clause 365 and Article of Association Clause 19 as follows, we cautiously ask you
        to attend.
        1. Date & Time : 05th March, 2021  3:00pm
        2. Venue: Raon Wedding Center at Jeonju (San 93-1. Wooah-dong 3 ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju,
        For our shareholders resides overseas, should you have any queries on 13th extra-ordinary
        shareholder's meeting notice, please send your email to unhwa@unhwa.com and we shall reply to you soonest.
        Please kindly understand that we could not receive phone inquires due to language barrier, thank you.