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    • Subject : Unhwa News Letter Fall Vol.18
      Publisher : Unhwa Management Team
      Date of issue : 2014-11-01
        Unhwa unhwa newsletter containing news and sharing activities Fall has been published. Planning a special way and fall through the Ddobyul and maintain health, to celebrate the Korean Hangul was made up of just writing a letter, the culture column "What hurts the youth" organizational culture, Henry essay "witch's bread" and recommended books of this Only a sick youth business Travels and sponsored by the Hong Kong brings the news.
    • 2014.11.24
    • Subject : Unhwa News Letter Summer Vol.17 2014
      Publisher : Unhwa Management Support
      Date of issue : 2014-08-01
        The issue is packed with many news unhwa newsletter. Ddobyul and was planning to keep healthy summer Seung-Su Kim corner housed the president took office greeting, to visit the World Youth Minister, Tanzania and the National Institute for Medical Research and Development Convention News and Ddobyul. In this culture, the column was housed workers to have this attitude, the Auckland team evaluation method, the islands of Malaysia and Fantasy Travels.
    • 2014.08.01
    • Subject : Unhwa News Letter Spring Vol.16 2014
      Publisher : Unhwa Management Support
      Date of issue : 2014-04-20 
        Unhwa expressed fresh letter of spring. Brighter than before to pass to various company news, Prospectives Culture Industry Technology Award was composed of columns, open unhwa Facebook. Section introduces plant stem cells are available. Also to configuring the content created in-house culture column mojuk essay, recommendations book "caring" for the unhwa newsletter packed with useful information and enjoy spring issue in them.
    • 2014.04.20