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    • Unhwa Corporation selected Plant Stem Cell(CMC) Technology Research for their main business.
    • 2014.06.13
      As Young Woo Jin, the CEO of Unhwa Corporation, had contributed to commercialization result such as sales increase, exports increase, and employment expansion, he won ‘Excellence Award of Industrial Technology of the Month’
       Unhwa Corporation achieved mass-production Technology for useful compounds of Cell line derived Meristem in the course of the Joint International Technology Development Business conducted as an assignment of the ministry of Trade and Industry R&D. Unhwa contributed powerfully to accomplishing a commercialization result such as 10 billion Korean won sales performance and 37 people of employment effect.
      Unhwa is leading the medicine, food, cosmetics ingredient business utilizing Plant Stem Cell. Unhwa has been credited for great value with commercial advantage in fixed quality mass-production through Unhwa’s exclusive culture technology which isolated a material uniquely existed in a natural plant.
      Sales goal for this year is accomplishing 85 billion Korean won in sales. Especially, Unhwa is aiming on premium food, cosmetics market, and medical market in Asian countries. Unhwa is showing enough confidence because it has already obtained numerous business relations.