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    • Selected for “2014 Cutting-edge Material Industry IP R&D Strategic Support Project“ supervised by Korean Intellectual Property Office
    • 2014.08.13

      Unhwa, one of the leading company in Jeonbuk which has the world’s first technology of isolation and culture of plant stem cell, has been looking for an opportunity to enter the global market through creating IP with the support from Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Institute and Jeonbuk Regional Intellectual Property Center. 
       Unhwa Corp. has been selected for “2014 Cutting-edge Material Industry IP R&D Strategic Support Project“ which proceed for 10 weeks. 
      This project is a strategically specialized project which will be conducted through patent license corporation with the topic of ”Development of bio-food and bio-drug which contain high contents of rare ginsenosides utilizing plant stem cells derived from wild ginseng“.
      Through this project, previously existing patents which could be a problem in the R&D will be reviewed and establish counterstrategy, create strong patents and propose the efficient direction of R&D.
      This project forms the basis for Unhwa to concentrate on R&D more aggressively.  As Unhwa’s product which contain rare ginsenosides of wild ginseng stem cells is causing a sensation among the people in China, it is prospected that active business agreement and investments will be made. 
      One of the employees of Unhwa spoke of his strong aspiration that Unhwa will establish strong R&D and expand its business to global market to take off as a global company.